PACKTEC carries out prospecting programmes and in-service training to improve the technical level within the companies.

Every year, the Centre sets up a program for manufacturers and end-users, carrying out the up grading plan.

PACKTEC collaborates with a group of qualified experts, in the different packaging tasks in order to implement its program.



Packtec is a WPO member

The World Packaging Organisation is a worldwide network gathering 60 member countries represented by their national packaging institutions or federations.

The WPO organises, every year, the world packaging competition, WORLDSTAR
which reflects the progress in the packaging industry worldwide.

Packtec membership in the WPO network ensures the promotion of the Tunisian Packaging Industry and makes companies profit from the training programs and assistance carried out with the support of WPO.


Packtec is a IAPRI member

IAPRI, the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes, has been in existance since 1971 and has over that time been developing into a unique and global network of organisation involved with and supporting and promoting packaging research.Currently the IAPRI network consists of over 45 research and educational organisations and institutes from over 30 countries.



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